Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Wait.....

Now that our dossier is off to China, we wait.......

What would we name our little angel? One evening, as we sat on Savannah's bed for nightime prayer, we asked the kids what we should name this new addition to our family? Without a moment's hesitation, Savannah spouted out, "Ella"! We took a vote & all agreed - baby Ella was her name!

The waiting process for our baby girl was a LONG, hard one. When we began the adoption process, we lived in Lantana, Florida. On September 5, 2006 we moved to Murfreesboro, TN, hoping for a more quite, safer place for our children to grow up.

Many times we prayed that God would show us what this waiting was for. We prayed that He would hold our little one close in His arms - until we could get to her.

Now, four years later, on June 19, 2009 we receive THE phone call! Leah Rockey was on the phone telling me the referral had come! I could hardly believe it! It was the day we were having Savannah's 9th Birthday party (a camp out, sleepover)....what WONDERFUL news!

Leah told us that we would receive an e-mail of Ella's photo the next morning and a Fedex with the referral in it tomorrow too! She told us about her round cheeks, rosy lips, dark eyes, no hair and bright blue sweater. Her Chinese name is Yue Mei Wan born on November 22, 2008. She was 7 months old! 14 pounds and 23 inches the Jiangxi Province!

Praise God!!! We FINALLY know who Ella is!!!

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